My ‘Usband’ is a wonderful cook

Alas with those few words, spoken by the woman with the baby to whom we had offered a seat on the bus, we were seduced into a small culinary adventure that to be fair brought us much amusement with each re-telling but not much sustenance at the time of suffering. I am...

Climbing Calls

Climbing Calls, do we need them? I once spent a few amused moments listening to a cacophony of misunderstanding and confusion floating quite audibly down from Dow crag. People were, slimeing, miming, rhyming, ready, not ready, holding, not holding and all sorts of...

3 A place to pause and think

Anyone who has been there knows where this is. It has to be one of the more notorious  ‘bad steps’  in the UK. This was quite a benign, but atmospheric, day.

2 Another small adventure

We had just climbed Crowberry Tower and a few moments after this was taken we had to navigate off the Buchaille roped up until we reached the top of Corrie Na Tullaich. It probably only took about seven minutes to get to it but it seemed a lot longer.
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