At last there is some relief from the banality of Greek food, three relatively new establishments all within walking distance of Masouri. Two in Myrties and one in Ameos.
All three of these are good and La Kouzina has the advantage of providing half decent Greek food as well as the Chinese, cooked by a Fillipino. Get chatting to the owner, Manolis and the chef Judy, you will not be disappointed. Manolis makes a very good Moussaka.


The Archipelagos

Run by Mikes ( pronounced Mick – ez ) and Erene Koulianos this family run business is in Climbingfools opinion the best place to eat in Masouri. We  first enjoyed the company of Mikes nearly fifteen years ago when he was the waiter, and a great one at that, now he runs the place with his wife Erene and they are both to be found working hard in the kitchen turning out good quality traditional food.


As  you walk out of Masouri toward Myrties it is the last taverna on your left. It enjoys an elevated position above the road and has great views toward Telendos.

The Food

The menu consists of mainly Greek fare and  is all the better for that. Mikes and Erene clearly stick to what they know and it shows on the plate I don’ think we have ever been disappointed. What makes this place special is the consistency of the meals served. You will be able to find individual dishes that may be better elsewhere but overall you can order anything off the menu and it will be good. We particularly enjoy the Giant Beans (butter beans in a savoury  tomato sauce with dill ) and a classic beautifully moist Moussaka.

The Atmosphere

Situated just a hundred and fifty metres from the hustle and bustle of down-town Masouri the Archipelagos enjoys a quieter location than other venues and it is all the better for it. With family and friends employed as waiters it really does have a family feel and although it does get busy it never feels that you are rushed. It genuinely is a relaxing place to eat and enjoy a well earned drink.

The Archipelagos

Good wholesome food prepared by Mikes and Erene and decent portions at a reasonable price all provided in a quiet friendly atmosphere.

Friendly Atmosphere

Don’t worry if you are the first customers and it seems a little quiet, the Archipelagos is ‘known’ and it will fill up.

Mikes of the Archipelagos

A great host who takes his work and his customers very seriously.

Erene of the Archipelagos

Behind every great man stands a greater woman

Working hard for you

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