‘Grade Creep’ is a wonderful thing.

The other day I was looking through my friend’s new FRCC guide book for the Langdales and I was pleasantly surprised to find I was a much better climber than I thought.
Imagine how good it felt to discover that small vertical crack above the bracket on Bracket and Slab is now graded 5a. When I first climbed it as a youth, as a result of being incapable of following the guidebook description,  I just thought it was a bit hard for severe now I know that it is HVS.

Equally Bow Fell Buttress is now Hard Severe, if I had known that when I was embarking on my carefully chosen ‘Mountain Diff’ I might never have climbed it. But that is what the book says so it must be.

VS routes now HVS,  E1’s now E2’s and so on.

So as I advance into decrepitude I can look forward to my climbing skills increasing without me having to lift a finger.

By the time I can no longer climb I should be a solid E5 climber. Brilliant!

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