Clive and Peter climbing in the Ouray Ice Park 2014
A climbing trip to Ouray and surrounding area 2016
A fantastic place for: loose rock, flies, average but cheap food much beloved by Brits and flies.

One of the great VS’s of the Lake District. Never hard but a long way from the nearest habitation.

Marina on her first lead on ice Ouray Ice Park 2016
Early morning April 2014. Not saying where this is because it’s easy and fun, find your own.
Another visit, one of many, to what must surely be the best place on the planet for mid grade sport climbing
Peter on Whit’s World, right hand side exit,  Ouray Ice Park 2014
Another view of the Ice Park in Ouray Colorado. A great place to learn how to climb steep ice.
A Lake District classic utilising the slightly harder, but logical, start of The Veil. 
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